This video below shows the actual shadows at Pier A Park cast by the existing buildings on Sinatra Drive across from the park. The video was taken from the roof of 111 River Street at 3 different times of the year:  1. the Summer Solstice (or longest day of the year) on June 20, 2017,  2. the Fall Equinox on September 22, 2017 and 3. the Winter Solstice (or shortest day of the year) on December 21, 2017.  This video demonstrates how Pier A Park already experiences shadows and that the new hotel will NOT detract from the experience of park visitors.

The City of Hoboken's Master Plan specifically encourages the development of hotels in this area near the Hoboken Terminal as well as diversifying uses at the Post Office including moving the more “industrial” operations. The site is also currently zoned for a hotel.

HobokenA window of opportunity on the waterfront

Right here and right now, we have the opportunity, resources, and the KMS/Postal team to, at last, realize the potential of Hoboken’s south waterfront.

Today … a Postal Service vehicle parking lot and loading dock at the south end of Sinatra Drive and at the front door to Hoboken’s beautiful  Pier A Park. The lot is greatly underutilized and as federal property it generates zero school and real estate taxes for the city. 

Tomorrow … a new, state-of-the-art Hilton Hotel helps define the south end of Hoboken’s spectacular waterfront. The Hoboken Hilton is an elegant, full-service destination for Hoboken residents and for visitors from around the world. Featuring iconic architecture, high-end amenities and a beautiful roof-top event space with spectacular views, the new Hoboken Hilton is worthy of its prime location. The surrounding neighborhood is transformed into an animated streetscape with greatly improved pedestrian access to the waterfront as well as improved parking and traffic flow. Hotel guest parking is provided offsite via 24/7 valet service to nearby private garages. Local businesses thrive due to the influx of new visitors. Hoboken’s historic Post Office is preserved and improved with upgraded systems, renovated work spaces and a new and larger enclosed loading dock on 1st Street. Partnering with the U.S. Postal Service, KMS Development Partners’ post office renovation and new hotel project has transformed a previously underutilized corner of Hoboken’s waterfront into one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the Mile Square City.

The new Hoboken Hotel is projected to provide $ 1.77 million annually in real estate and hotel taxes to the City and school district. This newly created source of revenue helps the City stabilize taxes and fund city improvements.

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Learn all about what the new waterfront hotel has to offer and all of the community benefits it will bring to the City of Hoboken.


Get the specifics. Learn about the proposed number of rooms, building size, parking accommodations and traffic pattern improvements related to the new Hoboken waterfront hotel proposal.


Location is everything. Learn where KMS is proposing to build the new hoboken hotel.


Click here to view proposed plans, renderings and studies related to the proposed Hoboken waterfront Hotel.


Learn all about the municipal process that a redevelopment proposal must navigate before obtaining the necessary approvals for development.


The proposal to build the new Hoboken waterfront Hotel was first introduced in 2012. Learn about the reasons the approval process has taken so long and what still need to be accomplished.

UpdatesLatest News

6 Aug 2019

Another Lawsuit Wants Revamped Hoboken Hilton Deal Tossed

The two Hoboken landowners that derailed an initial hotel redevelopment agreement have again filed suit over what they call a “slush fund” that’s included in the newest version of the plan.

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10 Oct 2018

Hotel deal to include $4.5M in community givebacks

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla and other city officials yesterday announced a "major milestone in the history of the Mile Square City" -- a multimillion-dollar development deal that will build the city's second waterfront hotel and inject more than $4 million in community givebacks.

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9 Oct 2018

New Hoboken hotel deal to include over $4M in community givebacks

HOBOKEN -- Mayor Ravi Bhalla and other city officials on Tuesday announced a "major milestone in the history of the Mile Square City" -- a multi-million dollar development deal that will build the city's second waterfront hotel and inject more than $4 million in community givebacks.

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