The following is a chart that explains the redevelopment process, as dictated by New Jersey’s Local Redevelopment & Housing Law:

City Council adopts a resolution designating a site as an “Area in Need of Rehabilitation,” based on a study requested from the Planning Board.

A City Council Subcommittee, working with the Department of Community Development and planning consultant, draft a Redevelopment Plan describe what they’d like to see built.

The draft Redevelopment Plan is introduced in City Council as an ordinance with public reading.

If the ordinance passes, the Redevelopment Plan is referred to the Planning Board for review and public comment.

The City Council considers the Planning Board’s recommendations and adopts the plan on a second reading. Plan may include any reccomendations from the Planning Board that the Council chooses to incorporate.

The adoption of the Plan is followed by a project specific Redevelopment Agreement between the City and a designated Redeveloper.

The developer secures site plan approval

Project is designed and constructed

History of the Post Office Site Redevelopment Plan