“This development project will transform this portion of the waterfront, bringing life & activity to this part of our community. It will preserve the historic post office building and its operation as a postal facility. It will provide a safe, tree-lined, aesthetically pleasing route to the waterfront along Newark Street. The new sidewalk along Sinatra Drive will align and fully connect to the sidewalks fronting all the buildings to the north.


The developer and the U.S. Post Office came to an agreement to build on this site over 6 years ago. So this project has been a long time in coming. Today, the agreement between the City and the developer has yet to be approved. When opportunities such as this present themselves, it is important for our elected officials to act expeditiously to ensure that they are not lost.”

– Ron Hine, Executive Director and Founding Member, Fund for a Better Waterfront


“The Hoboken Board of Education expresses appreciation to the City of Hoboken for keeping our students in mind during the negotiations that resulted in this agreement.  We applaud and thank KMS Development Partners for their generosity towards the Hoboken Public Education Foundation and its long-term commitment to the vitality of our Hoboken Community.”

– Sharyn Angley, VP, Hoboken Board of Education


“KMS Development Partners recognizes that communities are strengthened when public schools are thriving. We are proud to provide the Hoboken Public Education Foundation long-standing financial sustainability through this one million dollar endowment – the first ever community giveback that will directly benefit Hoboken Public Schools.​”

Shirael Pollack, Co-founder and President, Hoboken Education Foundation


“As the union for hotel workers, the Hotel Trades Council is extremely proud to support this hotel and this redevelopment plan. This hotel, in addition to being a fantastic new amenity for Hoboken residents and visitors, will be a source of many high quality, permanent jobs in this community.”

Rich Maroko, Vice President, Hotel Trades Union.